No matter what type of business establishment you have, there needs to be a fire alarm system in place. Testing, maintenance, and upgrades to the system are also necessary. For the most part, your job in all this will be making sure you schedule any of the needed aforementioned tasks with the proper authorities. Make sure you understand what is needed as soon as your system has been installed and is activated. Here is a bit of information that can help.

Proper Authorities

Before you contact a company to install a fire alarm system, it is a good idea to contact the fire marshall for your jurisdiction and ask for a copy of the fire codes. You should also ask for a copy of the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association. These two documents will tell you how to proceed. For example, your area may require adhering to specifics in the Americans with Disabilities Act or some other local subcode. While the fire alarm company should know all the requirements, it is best if you have an understanding of them so you can follow the schedule for maintenance and testing. In most cases, the fire marshall will be doing the testing and the alarm company will perform the maintenance.

Maintenance Agreement

To save money, it is a good idea to ask the alarm company about a maintenance agreement. You can then set up the dates for required maintenance. This can be on a regular schedule, or on specific days. It is often best if you can have this done on a day when there will not be many customers about. You do not want to have to worry about the sprinkler system accidentally going off if the establishment is full.


The fire marshall will normally perform the testing that needs to be done on your system. It is a good idea to schedule this shortly after having routine maintenance done to ensure the system is properly working and will pass the testing. Between mandatory tests, it is a good idea for you to make periodic tests on the components you are familiar with such as any smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and the fire suppression device in the kitchen. You should also test the monitoring system occasionally by contacting the monitoring company to let them know you will be doing a test and then setting off the alarm.

Keeping your commercial fire alarm system in good working order is not just about staying compliant with laws and codes; it is mainly about keeping your patrons, employees, and equipment safe. Contact a company like Tele-Plus for more information.