In some lines of work, such as high ranking government or military positions, conversations need to be kept confidential. While a standard telephone can be "tapped into" and important conversations possibly listened in on, secure IP based phones can help keep all talks completely private. If you're considering getting a secure telephone or telephone system for your business, here is what you need to know.

How They Work

IP based phones connect over the Internet in order to get a connection. With a secure version of these phones, the phone is encrypted to prevent other users from hearing what is being said. This gives a high level of security to both the caller and recipient. The phones are installed similar to a traditional phone with a standard telephone plug into the wall and the other end plugs directly into a desktop or laptop computer. Many models also have a wireless option as well to allow for more mobility. This encryption is similar to computer programs and it "scrambles" the sound being transmitted over the phone. If someone happens to eavesdrop, they will not be able to discern what is being said. 

Additional Protection

Aside from installing a secure IP telephone system, there are other additional measures you can take to ensure that your conversations are completely secure:

  • Be sure you set up a firewall on your company computer system to prevent hacking and system break-ins, which can make you more vulnerable to eavesdropping attempts.
  • Add a password protection option for your voice servers that will only allow administrators to log on and retrieve any necessary audio files. Use more than one layer of security which will also require the user to enter in other important identifying information that is only privy to them or the company.
  • Make sure all of your IP software for your secured phone is up to date, and install any patches or software updates as needed to ensure that everything is as current as possible.

Phone System Installation

When you're looking for a secured telephone system, make sure the installer you choose understands your specific security needs and can add enough lines for the amount of people who will need to use it. Be sure you can expand the system to as many users as needed for future use as well. There are many business telephone manufacturers that offer secure IP telephones, so take a look at the features that they offer to determine which will have what you'll need to suit your business requirements. Some may offer conference options that can maintain a secure conversation for larger group meetings via phone. Others will also feature software add-ons for mobile phones so you can take secure business calls with you on the go. Once you've added a secure phone system for your company, you'll feel more confident that all of your most confidential conversations are protected.